In our modern world, Norbertine involvement in Christian faith and action involves spreading the word of God by:

By doing this, we become part of the “Living Gospel” in many ways - through educating, serving, assisting, organizing, counseling, advising, fixing, creating, delivering, building, moving, removing and praying.  There is a purpose and a cause for every thing under heaven – and Norbertines live this purpose every day!

Norbertine Sisters also contribute greatly.  Their constant prayer acts as a fundamental and very needed spiritual encouragement to all.  In addition, they fulfill their call to action in the areas of teaching, nursing, giving of retreats and religious instruction, care of the poor, pastoral-parish care, catering, sewing, farming, and working in missions. 

Lay Associates also live this purpose.  Associates assist their own Norbertine Communities and the greater community at large in a variety of ways:

Each of these ministries is a Christian commitment by the Norbertine involved.  This commitment calls to us, and as such is part of our wider spiritual vocation.