Order of Prémontré

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Rev. Vincent F. Freiberg, O. Praem.
b. Saturday, July 11, 1936 – d. Wednesday, June 9, 1993

Our brother Vincent Freiberg (FRY-berg) was born in Philadelphia in 1936.  After graduating from Southeast Catholic, he joined the Order at Daylesford, being vested in 1954, professed in 1956 and ordained in 1962. 

Vince taught junior religion at Bishop Newmann from 1963 until 1966.  

Earning an M.A. in Theology from Marquette in 1966, he was transferred to Archmere, where he taught American History, religion, and was a class counselor. 

Vince was elected prior of Immaculate Conception Priory at Archmere in 1969 and held that position until 1975.  

In 1970, he was a delegate to the General Chapter at Wilten Abbey.  

After serving on the abbot’s council from 1972 until 1978, he was re-elected Prior at Archmere from 1980 to 1984, and again was a delegate to the 1982 General Chapter.

During Vince’s 27 years at Archmere, in addition to teaching and counseling, he was the moderator of the Mothers’ Guild, the Fathers’ Club, student bowling, and his special love, the tennis team.

Known for his faux pas, Vince once prayed at the preparation of the gifts at Mass:  “Pray that your sister and mine might be acceptable to God, the Father Almighty.”

He once informed the Claymont police that one of the priory cars had been stolen.  Two weeks later, the Claymont post office called and asked if he was ever going to move the car he had left parked there! 

As treasurer for the priory, he collected the stipends from weekend assignments.  At an emergency house meeting, he informed the community that the stipends had been stolen from his room.  A week later, he found the money buried deeply under some papers in his desk drawer!

Another time, he commented how good the hors d’ oeuvres were during cocktail hour.  It turned out that he had been eating the beef jerky dog treats mistakenly left on the counter next to the cocktail hour snacks!

Vince was much loved by both faculty and students and his love for them never ceased.  He was a dedicated priest and teacher, an understanding counselor, (he didn’t believe there was such a thing as a bad boy), and a sympathetic and compassionate confessor who would go the extra mile for anyone.  He never missed a school function and was there cheering on whatever team happened to be playing.

Vince died of bone cancer June 9th, 1993, at the age of 57

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Memento, Domine, 
Fratrum et Sororum Nostrorum,
Qui Nos Praecesserunt
- - - 
Remember, Lord
our brothers and sisters
who have preceeded us
and now sing in Your Presence.
- - -
Rappelez-vous, Seigneur,
nos confrères et consoeurs
qui nous ont précédés
et chantez maintenant dans Votre Ciel
- - -
Gedenk, Heer, 
Onze Medebroeders u. Medezustern
Die Ons Zijn Voorgegaan
- - -
Erinnern Sie Sich, Herr, 
Unsere Mitbrüder und Mitschwestern, 
die vor uns gegangen sind,
In Ihrer Anwesenheit zu singen
- - -
Recuerde, Señor,
nuestros hermanos y hermanas,
que nos han precedido
y ahora cante en su cielo
- - -
Recorde, Senhor,
nossos irmãos e irmãs
que nos precederam
e cante agora em Seu Céu.
- - -
Rest in Peace
Pray for us in our need
as we pray for you.