Order of Prémontré

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Rev. C. Albert Koob, O. Praem.
b. Wednesday, Sept. 22, 1920 – d. Sunday, Dec. 26, 1993

Our brother C. Albert Koob was born in Philadelphia in 1920, was vested in 1939, professed in 1941 and ordained in 1945.  

Having graduated earlier from Southeast Catholic and St. Norbert College, his first assignment was to Southeast Catholic in 1942.  

While teaching at Southeast, Al spent his summers at Catholic University and earned a Master’s degree in Speech and Drama in 1948.  

That same year he was appointed vice principal, and the following year was also registrar.  Al became principal of Southeast in 1954, and the next year moved to the new Bishop Neumann. 

In 1961, Al was appointed the Director of the secondary school department of the National Catholic Educational Association in Washington, D.C., and in 1967, became its President.  From his role in that position he attended the World Conference on Education in Berlin, Germany in 1968, the Inter-American Education Conference in Mexico in 1969, and helped organize the National Catholic Education Conference in Australia in 1970.  In 1971, he gave a lecture series in Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo).

Al earned a Ph. D., cum laude, from Catholic University in 1978, and was director of Credentialing of Experimental Learning at Cabrini College in 1979.  

From 1980 to 1985, he was director and president of the Adult Education Council of Philadelphia.

Having never having completely recovered from a near fatal fall through a defective sidewalk grate in Washington D.C. in 1972, Al retired to Daylesford in 1985.

 He died there on Sunday, December 26, 1993 at the age of 73.  

His body rests at Daylesford

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Memento, Domine, 
Fratrum et Sororum Nostrorum,
Qui Nos Praecesserunt
- - - 
Remember, Lord
our brothers and sisters
who have preceeded us
and now sing in Your Presence.
- - -
Rappelez-vous, Seigneur,
nos confrères et consoeurs
qui nous ont précédés
et chantez maintenant dans Votre Ciel
- - -
Gedenk, Heer, 
Onze Medebroeders u. Medezustern
Die Ons Zijn Voorgegaan
- - -
Erinnern Sie Sich, Herr, 
Unsere Mitbrüder und Mitschwestern, 
die vor uns gegangen sind,
In Ihrer Anwesenheit zu singen
- - -
Recuerde, Señor,
nuestros hermanos y hermanas,
que nos han precedido
y ahora cante en su cielo
- - -
Recorde, Senhor,
nossos irmãos e irmãs
que nos precederam
e cante agora em Seu Céu.
- - -
Rest in Peace
Pray for us in our need
as we pray for you.