Order of Prémontré

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Rev. Gregory G. Rybrook, O. Praem.
b. Friday, Apr. 28, 1876 – d. Sunday, June 6, 1937

Our brother Gregory Rybrook was born in De Erde, Holland in 1876, vested in the Order at Berne Abbey in 1894, and solemnly professed in 1899.

Arriving in the United States in 1900, Gregory was appointed to the college and chaplain at the Green Bay Reformatory.  In 1902, Gregory was the only Bernensis who did not make the transitus to the new foundation.  He remained a canon of Berne all his life.  In 1906, he was named sub-prior of the abbey, and in 1907 enrolled at the Apostolic Mission House in Washington, D.C. to prepare for missionary work, but after a month of practical missionary work, returned to the college in 1908.

In 1911 Gregory was sent to the Gregorian in Rome, returning in 1914 with his S.T.D. and continuing as sub-prior, plus taking on the job of master of novices.

Gregory became chaplain at Our Lady of Charity Convent, in 1922, taking up residence there, but continuing to teach theology and philosophy at the college and at the abbey.  

In 1925, Abbot Pennings appointed him the 1st conventual prior of the newly erected St. Norbert Abbey.  Gregory also began to teach summer sessions at Alverno and St. Agnes in Fond du Lac that same year.

Gregory died Sunday, June 6th, 1937 at the age of 61.

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Memento, Domine, 
Fratrum et Sororum Nostrorum,
Qui Nos Praecesserunt
- - - 
Remember, Lord
our brothers and sisters
who have preceeded us
and now sing in Your Presence.
- - -
Rappelez-vous, Seigneur,
nos confrères et consoeurs
qui nous ont précédés
et chantez maintenant dans Votre Ciel
- - -
Gedenk, Heer, 
Onze Medebroeders u. Medezustern
Die Ons Zijn Voorgegaan
- - -
Erinnern Sie Sich, Herr, 
Unsere Mitbrüder und Mitschwestern, 
die vor uns gegangen sind,
In Ihrer Anwesenheit zu singen
- - -
Recuerde, Señor,
nuestros hermanos y hermanas,
que nos han precedido
y ahora cante en su cielo
- - -
Recorde, Senhor,
nossos irmãos e irmãs
que nos precederam
e cante agora em Seu Céu.
- - -
Rest in Peace
Pray for us in our need
as we pray for you.