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Hagnaby Abbey, England


Modern front gate to the former abbey property, now private property, requiring written permission to visit.

At the nearby parish church of St. Helens, West Keal, are several items which are clearly much older than the parish church, and just as clearly out of place there.  These three angels are in the entry porch to the church, and each shows clear signs of damage.
Angel in entry porch
Angel in entry porch
This sculpture of a young woman is also in the entry porch.  
Another sculpture in the entry porch.
Another young woman in the entry porch.  This ornately decorated porch is the resting place of sculptures clearly connected with a much larger structure, most likely the Abbey at Hagnaby.
The entry porch also features four extremely large sculpted rain gutter spouts.  These clearly were originally from a much larger building, and were not meant for the entry porch of the parish church initially.  In fact, the spouts for the church roof itself are smaller than these sculpted gutter spouts.  The conclusion - - they must originate from the abbey itself.  
Hagnaby missal.