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Lieu Restaure


This is Lieu Restaure - we have recently received information that a private individual named P. Potier devoted much effort to restoring these buildings remaining at Lieu Restaure.  Work still continued.  The black and white series of photographs in this gallery are older than the color versions, which have been supplied by Mr. Brian Conneler. 

IMLieuRestaure43.jpg (24091 bytes)

Here is a color photo from the same angle as the black and white photo above, though a bit closer to the buildings.  The footings about three bays in length in front of the west front are the west wall of the much older Romanesque church.  This was destroyed in conflicts with the English. 

IMLieuRestaure21.jpg (22342 bytes)

This shows a side view of several of the remaining buildings.  Note the romanesque arches which have been filled in to facilitate the secular use of the structures.

IMLieuRestaure40.jpg (21281 bytes)

Another more recent color photo from Mr. Conneller, taken of the same buildings, but from a slightly different angle.  This photo clearly shows the three bays of the nave with marks of the cloister along the aisle and on the right -- the start of the east wing containing the dormitory/ chapterhouse.   But what the east wing STARTS with is actually the trancept extending out of the nave (right center).  You can see the door to the Night Stairs on the upper floor of this trancept.   Further to the right in this photo are newer buildings, presumably constructed after the Protestants occupied this site.

IMLieuRestaure22.jpg (21674 bytes)

The other side of this building complex showing the east end and the sanctuary ending in a polygonal apse.  As you can see at the right of this photo, the present Nave is walled up.

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The remains of the Abbey Church, beautiful even in its desolation!

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A detail of the tracery for the Rose window of the church.

IMLieuRestaure41.jpg (36079 bytes) 

Remains of the night stair. IMLieuRestaure25.jpg (15226 bytes)
North side of the nave interior.  IMLieuRestaure26.jpg (20516 bytes)
A plan of the Abbey designed by David Ballet showing its condition before the Revolution. 

IMLieuRestaure24.jpg (58587 bytes)

Plan overview. 

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