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St. Joseph's Priory, Queens Park, Australia


This is the Canonry Crest of St. Joseph's Priory.  Note the Fleur de Lis at upper left showing the connection with the Order of Prémontré; the stellar constellation called the Southern Cross at upper right showing the connection with Australia; the yellow band with shamrocks, tracing their connection with their Irish mother Abbey of Killnacrott; and the swan, showing their specific location in the Swan River area of Western Australia (near Perth).  The motto reads "In the midst of the Church."

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This is an overview of the Priory and Parish Church.

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This is a bit of a closer look at the Church entrance and also the entrance to St. Norbert's College (note: the Australian educational system classifies gymnasia / secondary schools / high schools as "colleges").

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Front entrance to the Church.

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The altar area of the Priory / Parish church decorated for the 1998 Christmas Season.

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Christmas Mass.

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Parishioners attending Christmas Mass (choir at right). 


An older photo of the cloister garden area, with covered gazebo at left.

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Here is the same area from the same vantage point as above.  Note how the foliage has flourished!

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Another view of the cloister garden from the Priory residence building.

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This is the common room within the Priory.

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Office area at the Priory, with Fr. Prior Peter Joseph Stiglich busy at work.

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Another view of the office from a different vantage point.  Note in both of these pictures the extensive collection of model commercial aircraft atop the shelves!

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Conventual Mass at Queens Park Parish.  

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Chapter Room at the Priory.  Note the Marian altarpiece at left. 

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Closeup in the Chapter Room: From left to right are Father Peter O'Reilly, Brother David Martin, Brother Patrick Doolan and Father Peter J. Stiglich.

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1996 Retreat Photo showing Queens Park confreres with Abbot General Noyens, seated at center.

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The library at the Priory.  This facility has the collection of religious works, and the library of St. Norbert College has all other subjects.

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Entrance to St. Norbert College with students and Father Peter Joseph Stiglich.

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Priory residence from balcony of classroom building of St. Norbert College.

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Another view of the residence building of the Priory.

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Closeup of the residence building.  In the distance at left, you can see the classroom building from which the photo looking over the Priory wall into the garden and residence (two photos above) was taken.