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St. Radegunds, Kent, England


We wish to thank our Friend of the Order, Dawn, for these lovely photos.
Since this property is owned privately, 
we wish to express our thanks to the Moynan family,
particularly Mrs. Moynan, for her generosity in permitting
Dawn's visit and these photographs.

This is a hand drawn plan of the abbey, circa 1880. 

Plan.jpg (23481 bytes)

This is a recess in the private Moynan family home on the grounds of St. Radegunds.  The house was formerly the Refectory of the abbey.   This recess is in the bedroom of the house, and is believed to be an entry into a stairway up to the lectern area of the Refectory. Doorway-Arch.jpg (13921 bytes)
This is the doorway / entryway into the Parlor.  The Refectory itself is on the right hand side.  The other archways are part of the entrance into the Chapter House. 4.jpg (26065 bytes)
Based on the plan above, it appears that there may have been three archways leading into the Chapter House.  This photo shows the middle and left archways. 5.jpg (25490 bytes)
Three archways leading to the Chapter House. 6.jpg (29396 bytes)
Close-up of the west wall of the south trancept. 7.jpg (34855 bytes)
Wider view, west wall of the south trancept. 8.jpg (26254 bytes)
Remains of the infirmary.  There used to be considerably more of the infirmary visible, based on the plan shown above (circa 1880).  9.jpg (15214 bytes)
Remains of one of the east walls in one of the aisles.  10.jpg (20894 bytes)
Looking out in the direction of the presbytery and the lady chapel.  11.jpg (15693 bytes)
View down the nave from the choir area. 12.jpg (25566 bytes)
Hewn stone on the south trancept wall. 13.jpg (34263 bytes)
Base of gatehouse from the nave area. 14.jpg (39043 bytes)
Close up of stone.  This stone is unique among stone in the surrounding area (other houses), and it appears that some stone was actually imported from Caen.  The remainder is knapped flint. 15.jpg (42342 bytes)
First of two gargoyles found on the inside wall at the base of the gatehouse, either side of the exit. 16.jpg (33368 bytes)
Other gargoyle in this location.  17.jpg (25455 bytes)
Inside the gatehouse, looking skyward. 18.jpg (27893 bytes)
Inside the gatehouse, again looking skyward. 19.jpg (31180 bytes)
Another view of the outside of the gatehouse structure.  Looks as though the archways may have been added later by one of the farming families, in order to drive up to the front door directly through the nave and cloister!  This entrance is not used now due to the danger of falling masonry.  21.jpg (21365 bytes)
Another view of the outside of the gatehouse structure. 22.jpg (20622 bytes)
North wall of nave and cellarers buildings 23.jpg (19169 bytes)
North wall of nave and cellarers buildings 24.jpg (17754 bytes)
West wall of the gatehouse.  There is some belief that the gatehouse had some defensive use, because of the small slit windows on all sides. 25.jpg (22722 bytes)
North gable end wall of the cellarers buildings -- forensic parlor. 26.jpg (18903 bytes)
Close up of tower window high on west wall. 27.jpg (25157 bytes)
It is probable that this yellow-ish stone is imported from Caen, Normandy 28.jpg (30235 bytes)
This north porch was thought to have been added to the Refectory during the time of Simon Edolph, who bought the property of St. Radegunds in 1590.  He is believed to have added the flint stone pattern. 29.jpg (16774 bytes)
North face of the Refectory.  The bottom right window (yellow stone frame) is the dining room of the house.  30.jpg (25719 bytes)
Cellarers buildings viewed from the middle of the cloister 31.jpg (14988 bytes)
Processional doorway at the rear of the nave. 32.jpg (34457 bytes)
Doorway from the forensic parlor on west wall.  There are "wild" double-headed Snowdrops in abundance all around this area.  It is believed that these plants were brought from France and are a symbol of purity.  33.jpg (27932 bytes)
Gable end of forensic parlour viewed from the inside.  34.jpg (30496 bytes)
Close-up of flint stone. 35.jpg (34328 bytes)
Windows in cellarers building. 36.jpg (23092 bytes)
South wall of nave, opening into the cloister area. 37.jpg (25271 bytes)
Gargoyle discovered in the garden, now happily residing by the back door, among the flowers! 38.jpg (35203 bytes)
West wall of the common house.  There is a small anteroom on the south end of this building.  39.jpg (33478 bytes)
West gable end wall of guest hall. 40.jpg (13863 bytes)
West gable end wall of guest hall. 41.jpg (23048 bytes)
Minstrels gallery in guest hall. 42.jpg (20535 bytes)
Steps up to minstrels gallery. 43.jpg (21762 bytes)
View from minstrels gallery. 44.jpg (17538 bytes)
Window above entrance to guest hall.   You can see the remains of the stone frame at the bottom of the window. 45.jpg (32504 bytes)
Entrance to the guest hall . . . somewhat off center. 46.jpg (24259 bytes)
South face of the Refectory, and main entrance to the current farmhouse. 47.jpg (27660 bytes)