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Strahov Abbey (Mt. Zion), Prague, Czech Republic



This Abbey is known by Czechs as the "Jewel of Prague" and for centuries has been the cultural and intellectual heart of this cosmopolitan city.   It's library continues to possess the most important collection of medieval philosophical and theological texts in all of Bohemia.  After Protestantism gained possession of Magdeburg and its environs, St. Norbert's body was at length finally moved from Magdeburg to the St. Norbert Chapel in Strahov, where it rests today in a golden reliquary above the Chapel altar.  Even the communists could not destroy Strahov, which was converted into a museum and cultural center.  The Order retook possession of Strahov in early 1996.

This is the view from the boulevard called the "Mala Strana" below the abbey.   Strahov sits on a hill traditionally  known as "Mount Zion."

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This is an aerial shot of the Abbey Grounds, showing the abbey church and cloister quite clearly.

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This is the interior of the Abbey Church of the Assumption.

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This is a closeup of the main altar of the Cathedral.

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This is the St. Norbert chapel.

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This is a closeup of the reliquary of St. Norbert, located above the chapel altar. Note the bishop's insignia, consisting of mitre and crozier.  The inscription below the mitre reads "Holy Father Norbert."

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This is the Theology wing of the library at the abbey.

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This is the Philosophy wing of the library at the abbey.

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