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Tupholme Abbey, England


Once again our thanks goes out to the friend of our Order,
 Dawm for her wonderful photographs of Tupholme Abbey
General floor plan of Tupholme Abbey as shown on the visitor's guide at the entrance to the Abbey grounds.

Tupholme-05.jpg (5977 bytes)

View of the Abbey ruins from the approach road.  The abbey buildings would have extended towards this road (to the right).   There is a slight incline up towards the ruins.  This forms the impression of an island (holme), and of course, there are sheep in abundance (tups)!

Tupholme8.jpg (13774 bytes)

Prospect across what would have been the remainder of the Abbey.

Tupholme9.jpg (14917 bytes)

Remaining Refectory, interior of the wall from this view. Tupholme10.jpg (20170 bytes)
Middle section, interior Refectory wall. Tupholme11.jpg (21250 bytes)
Far end of the Refectory wall, clearly from both the quality/aging of the stone and the window style a later addition, probably from when this building was incorporated into a private residence. Tupholme12.jpg (21314 bytes)
Close up, inside of the Refectory wall. Tupholme13.jpg (25140 bytes)
Another closeup. Tupholme14.jpg (28046 bytes)
A wonderful piece of hewn stone architecture possibly an upper level entryway or passage for the lector. Tupholme15.jpg (22666 bytes)
Another perspective on the above hewn-stone element in the Refectory wall. Tupholme17.jpg (19592 bytes)
The same hewn-stone element, seen from the exterior of the Refectory wall. Tupholme19.jpg (20775 bytes)
Window closeup.  Tupholme20.jpg (22156 bytes)
Window closeup. Tupholme21.jpg (24851 bytes)
If you look carefully, you will see a sheep "peeking" round the corner, black face staring curiously at the photographer, as if to inquire "What are YOU doing in MY Abbey?" Tupholme22.jpg (32078 bytes)
These are most likely overturned pillar capitals, as the straight leaved pattern would indicate, although they might be bases as well. Tupholme23.jpg (31736 bytes)
Abbey walls have often served as fences in the centuries following their suppression/dissolution.  Here is a case in point, where a farmer did NOT want his stock to meander through the windows and doors, and has just walled them up. Tupholme24.jpg (27495 bytes)
A bit wider view of the exterior Refectory wall. Tupholme25.jpg (21632 bytes)
Another view Tupholme26.jpg (23547 bytes)
Close up of entryway into what was most likely the storeroom. Tupholme27.jpg (27426 bytes)
View of the Refectory wall from the other end. Tupholme30.jpg (22040 bytes)
The view in the opposite direction -- with the Refectory wall exterior behind the photographer, to what is now a conservation area and popular picnicing site. Tupholme31.jpg (19874 bytes)