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Wilten Abbey, Innsbruck, Austria


Wilten Abbey, located in the western Austrian city of Innsbruck.

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This is a unique picture, showing the proximity of the Abbey (at right) to the Innsbrück Cathedral (at left).

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This is the interior of the Abbey Church of Wilten.

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This is a side altar, the altar of the Cross, at Wilten.

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Looking toward the rear of the nave, we see the great organ of Wilten.

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This is the Chapter Room.

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Wilten is renowned for its beautiful Baroque / Rococo frescos.

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Here is a closeup of the Cathedral of Our Lady, Innsbruck, served by the Canons of Wilten.

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Here is the interior of the Cathedral of Our Lady at Innsbruck.

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Sometimes, it is even possible to look out the windows of the Wilten Abbey church and see great sporting events!